Testimonials about Trillium Lodge Ohiopyle PA

2011 will be Trillium Lodge's 6th year in operation. We've met many wonderful people and have enjoyed their comments, stories and drawings which now fill notebooks. There isn't enough room to include all of the wonderful words written about the lodge, but we wanted to share a few of them. Thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts. Enjoy them as we have!

Only problem was our stay was short. Can’t wait to come back later this summer with more people! Definitely spreading word of the Trillium and all the activities in Ohiopyle!
-Shannon & Greg

Had too much fun. The view will never get old. Beautiful place!

Thanksgiving 2009
There is so much to be thankful for – family, funny friends, fun times and a great big beautiful world. The snow is amazingly pretty. Hope everyone has wonderful holidays.
-Hosie family here with the Wilsons

Another incredible Thanksgiving at Trillium Lodge. Great time relaxing and enjoying our family. Making memories!
-Jim & Sharon Wilson

Great space! Appreciate the sustainable practices.
Nice stay! Love the quaint atmosphere. The scenery is to die for. We shall recommend this place to anyone who would come here! (  Whitewater / bike /  see Alienate)

We had a great stay at your lodge. We’ll be back! Thanks.
-The Folkensteins

Beautiful lodge, great views, awesome hitchhiking. Only thing that couple make it better would be one more day! Oh well… back to reality.
-The Gallaghers

The perfect getaway! Great day on the bike trail. We canceled our trip to DC because the lodge was so wonderful, we stayed two extra nights we couldn't have asked for a better way to spend  our time together!
-Erin Miller & Phil Torrent

I knew this would be a bust or s boom! It was a beautiful BOOM!!

10/1 – 10/2/08
Wonderful surprise this lodge! Hope to come again with family and friends. The hospitality of the Wilderness staff was as lovely as the scenery. Thank you for coordinating our stay. 
-The Muldoons ( Jim & Cyndi) Ben Harbor, MI

Ohiopyle rocks! We love it here and so glad to have discovered the Trillium Lodge! It’s a wonderful place, charming and comfortable. This was the perfect home base for our family reunion! Hope to be back again soon!
-Kevin, & Angel Pribanic and Van, Jackson, Claire Pittsburgh, PA

The Nowak clan spent a fabulous weekend at Trillium we are a large group of 30+ including babes in arms. This weekend celebrated many special events in our family.
3 couples celebrating 20 years of marriage
3 couple celebrating 10 years of marriage
1 person turning 40
2 teens graduating from high school….and on and on!
This is the most beautiful place and we will return!
-The Nowaks

Enjoyed our stay. Beautiful view! But it’s gorgeous in the fall. Would recommend this place to others.
-Bill & Pat Fenton, MI

What a beautiful getaway! We had 4 generations of family members in the lodge and there was plenty for everyone to do! (The 5, 2 & 1 year old really enjoyed the game room!) Best wishes for a Healthy Happy 2008.
The Maiden Family

We liked it so much…we stayed an extra day!
-The Fischers

6/07 The lodge is beautiful and the view is spectacular. Rafting was amazing although the rapids weren’t too difficult…and ending the say with a bone fire and in the hot tub was perfect! We can’t wait to o mountain biking and down the water slide today.
-The outdoor adventure club. Harford community college.

This place is a little slice of Heaven. Fresh, sweet smelling air. Beauty all around. Comfy, homey lodge. I love it here! Wish I didn’t have to leave, but I’ll be back! Thank you!
- Lara Beyick

Fabulous weekend – great place for a reunion! Thanks to all.
- Marie & Hay from Ohio

8/5 – 8/6/07
We had a great time our second trip to Trillium Lodge! It stopped raining sometime during the night and is now warm and foggy. A family of turkeys was spotted on the hill behind the house. It’s wonderful not to have sirens and buses padding all the time and be able to listed to crickets all night. Thanks for the beautiful place to stay!
- Paul, Paolu, Renata, Ted, Grazio  Pittsburgh PA & Italy

Second Season of whitewater rafting and Ohiopyle. All stayed on the 2nd floor last year. This year for Eric’s 27th birthday the whole family came to Trillium Lodge. All on the 1st floor this time…oh yeah! Awesome time! This is the stuff you remember for a Lifetime. We all are having a ball and the lodge is Great!

The hot tub here is 104 degrees of heaven. Great time on the river, great people, great home. We’ll be back in full force in’08/ NGT Washington DC.

SWEEEEEEEEET J This place is such a  nice break from everything. Thanks!
- The Waddill clan

7/7/06 We love the Trillium & hope to return soon. Rafting was awesome, our guide was so knowledgeable. Spending the evening in the hot tub was the perfect end of the day.”
- Jack & Rachel Avella, PA

What a special place you’ve created on the top of this hill. A place where our small prentice clan could come together. Where 2 brothers who live on opposite coastlines could renew their bonds – where 2 grandchildren could enjoy themselves and be enjoyed by all – where 2 grandparents could oversee the interactions with a perpetual smile. Thank you for creating Trillium Lodge to bring people together.

The only way we can describe this place….a pure, unadulterated delight. This place makes Heaven look like…..,hmmmm, well….not sure where to go with that. From staying here, this is us: J!

What a beautiful lodge! We have enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere that you have created. We couldn’t imagine staying anywhere else and look forward to sharing this magnificent place with our family and friends in the future. Thank you for creating Trillium Lodge. It’s brilliant! Cheers
– The Ellicotts

We’re in the sunset room – very cozy. What a lovely Indian Summer Day starting with an extended tour of Falling Water and walking Ohiopyle. Your unique lodge is so appealing in all its naturalness. We’ll have a neat remembrance. Gracias. Many nice details – furniture, reading materials, kitchen, photos & flowers to name a few. A must for a repeat!!
- The Wells


Wish we had more time to spend. Will be back and bring the “whole crew.” We’ll take the whole house!! Wonderful for family time. Hot tub was AWESOME!!
-The Mussers

wow! When you walk into a place and think” if I ever built a country home, it would look much like this,” you know you are going to enjoy being here. Trillium was our oasis atop the Ridge to start and end our day. A lovely house in a great spot! If it were not for a day job on Monday or so many things to see around here, I’d still be hiding in the sinful comfort of the king size bed in the sunrise suite!” -JB

Fall 2005
My drawing is only a piece of what you can see form the lodge., all the sights could fill the rest of this book! My name is Inga Clark. I am 11 and I am in the 7th grade. I love it here and I love the views! I’m not exactly a Picasso, but if the view here changes in the Laurel Room where I am staying, I want a tiny piece to be preserved. Thanks for such a lovely place to stay. I will hopefully be returning for the next 2 years in succession.
-Inga w/ The Milton Hershey School